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New project: WAVE∞FORM

Over the years I have written a lot of music that falls outside of my usual arena of club-friendly (and sometimes slightly un-friendly) beats. Up until recently this has mainly been in connection with film scoring or composing for art shows and sound installations, but I feel I’m now ready to release some of my more experimental material in a more traditional way. I’m therefore starting a new series of releases under a different artist name – to avoid any confusion. The first transmission by this new project is called “Waveform01”, and is a single track album with a running time of 53mins 17secs. You can stream the whole album from this new Bandcamp page , and if you like what you hear and want to purchase it, you may do so for a minimum of 5 Euro. If you want to pay more, that’s also OK. It only means I will be able to keep expanding my modular setup, and hopefully create new and interesting sounds for your future enjoyment. If you want to get in touch to book a live gig with WAVE∞FORM, you can hit me up through one of my social media channels (mentaloverdrive @ Instagram, Twitter or Facebook). If you’re rather looking for more club-friendly beats, you probably want to book Mental Overdrive instead. I hope you enjoy the new sounds.

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Live at Synth Fest 2 in Brno (CZ)


I’ll be heading to the city of Brno in the Czech Republic towards the end of May to play live at a party on Friday May 27th in connection to Noise Kitchen’s Synth Fest 2. The two-day festival will include workshops, parties, lectures and talks about synthesisers, modular systems and all things fun and tweakable. The gig will also mark the re-release of my 1995 album “Plugged” on Prins Thomas’ Rett i Fletta label, and also the launch of the “Tromsø” module by Bastl Instruments. The line-up is constantly being added to, so check in on the Facebook event link above for more info.

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Plugged Revisited


I’m happy to announce that my debut album “Plugged”, originally released on Love OD back in 1995, will be re-issued on May 27th through Prins Thomas’ “techno, not techno” label Rett i Fletta. The Prins has done a wonderful job in re-editing and restoring the album from the original DAT masters, and has also chosen alternative takes from the live “direct-to-tape” mixes I had done at the time. Topped with a new mastering and pressed on triple vinyl, it’s almost a brand new package that will hit the streets in May, and I’m very pleased about the result. You can check out snippets over at distributor wordandsound’s website.

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Tromsø, Tromsø


I’m very happy to announce the soon-to-arrive new module “Tromsø” by Bastl Instruments. The basic idea of the module is to emulate digital downsampling by the use of three analogue circuits (VCO/Comparator/Sample&Hold), and it is based on the “Distortotron” initially created by Psybe (Svein Berge and Henrik Sundt) back in 1994. The Distortotron was a one-in-a-kind module that was central in shaping the Mental Overdrive sound on my debut album “Plugged”, and several singles and remixes made around the same time. Tromsø will be shipping in June, and you can see Václav from Bastl preview the module at last weekend’s Superbooth in Berlin in the below video interview courtesy of Cuckoo (from around 19.15)

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Northern Disco Lights


Those lovely people over at Paper Recordings have decided to make a documentary about Norwegian electronic club music. I am honoured to be included in the story, but also having been asked to provide parts of the music score to the film (there’s of course lots of great music in it already). The film is in its final phase of production and is set to premiere at Bergen’s International Film Festival in September, and to make things perfect they are now asking your help to finalise the production budget through an Indiegogo crowd funding campaign. So, if you’ve been a fan of Norwegian electronic disco or other styles of scandal beats over the last couple of decades, you can now take part in making this project shine by contributing to the campaign. Also, you can read more about the project over at The Ransom Note.

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Live@The Villa, Oslo


I’ll be doing a live set at Oslo’s The Villa this coming Friday the 11th of March. The event is a “Rett i Fletta” label night marking some new releases I’ve got lined up for Prins Thomas’ new techno-flavoured label.  Fellow label mate Øyvind Morken will be joining in for a DJ set, so all is set for an enjoyable session.


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