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Just Press Play


I will be doing a new series of events in collaboration with Tromsø gallery Small Projects under the banner “Just Press Play”. The series will put focus on “improvisation and immediacy within the realm of electronic music”, and will feature artist talks followed by live performances. The first event is on Wednesday November 19th, and will offer a short talk and performance by myself with special guest Le Petit Garçon. Doors open 20.00 and admittance is free.

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Beatservice re-issue “TOS.CD”


Fellow Tromsø label Beatservice are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the release of the “TOS.CD“, which was the first CD compilation of Tromsø artists that were part of the local wave of “Tromsø Techno” at the time. The collection features an exclusive Mental Overdrive track, “Entropy”, and other artists included are Biosphere and Bjørn Torske (under his Ismistik guise). In the Beatservice catalogue you can also find two other exclusive tracks of mine, “She’s Darkness” and “Angel”, which were released as part of the compilations “Arctic Circles 1 and 2″ respectively.

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“Repeat: Then: Repeat” at Musikprotokoll


I’ve been commissioned to compose a piece to be performed on a Merry-go-round as part of Musikprotokoll – The Austrian festival for contemporary and experimental music. The installation consists of a set of 4 speakers mounted on a traditional carousel placed in the middle of Karmeliterplatz in the city center of Graz. The composition will be performed to the public as they ride the carousel, introducing the different elements of the piece as they pass by each soundsource. The project is initiated by the ECAS festival network, and will be on between October 9-12. My piece is called “Repeat: Then: Repeat”, and you can find some more info about the whole project here.


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