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“Repeat: Then: Repeat” repeated at Höhenrausch

“Repeat: Then: Repeat” – the piece I did for Austrian festival Musikprotokoll‘s merry-go-round installation in Graz back in October 2014, has now been picked up by Höhenrausch, which is another Austrian festival taking place in Linz between May 29 and October 18. If you are passing by Linz this summer, and fancy a carousel ride accompagnied by a series of exclusively commissioned musical works, then make your way to the City’s Kulturquartier during your stay. More info here.

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Gigs in April

I’m heading to Prague on April 8th to do a live remix of Nils Petter Molvær, Hamid Drake, Eivind Aarset and Jan Bang in connection to Punkt Festival‘s series of events in Europe this spring. There will also be two similar events in Paris on the 13th and 14th of April. On the first of these two I will do a live remix of Erik Honoré’s “Heliographs” project featuring Nils Petter Molvær, Eivind Aarset and Ingar Zach, and on the second I will remix France’s own Magnetic Ensemble. Inbetween these dates I will head to Bergen to DJ at Landmark Bergen Kunsthall, where Espen Sommer Eide launces his “Material Vision – Silent Reading” project, followed by a live performance by Are Mokkelbost.

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London dates in March

I’ll be heading to London for a couple of gigs towards the middle of this month. First up is a DJ set back to back with DJ Ben Osborne at Big Chill House on Saturday 14/3. Then, on Monday 16/3, we’ll be rigging our “Boom Room” at Village Underground as part of London’s Convergence Festival. This is an event where we’re putting the focus on sound effects in electronic music by rigging an online link to an abolished air-base on the west coast to use as a live reverb unit. This is a collaboration with Noise of Art, and you can read more about it here. I’ve put together a mixtape ahead of the Boom Room gig which you can stream in the player above.

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Illumination re-issued

Illumination’s “The Way Out Is The Way” is now available on Optimo Trax’ “Drum Attack EP (Lost weapons from the 1990’s”). This vinyl re-issue was originally planned for release in October 2014, but was delayed until now due to problems with manufacturing (not so surprising, as it’s pretty bass-heavy, though we’re yet to hear the full details from Optimo HQ). In any way you can now finally pick it up through your favourite vinyl store, like Clone Records. There’s also a nice review of the 12″ over at Juno Plus. Illumination was a collaboration project consisting of Per Martinsen and Nicholas Sillitoe, who also did a string of remixes under their Chilluminati guise in the late nineties/early noughties.

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Spellemann award for “Everything is connected”


My album “Everything is connected” won the Spellemann (Norwegian Grammy) award for “Electronica/Dance album of the year” this weekend. I am both surprised and honoured, and will take this with me in my continuing work with creating new music. My only concern is that the price itself consists of a 3 kg bronze Jew’s harp (see image above) – which is cool enough, as a Jew’s harp is kind of an accoustic synthesizer. But may I still suggest that in the future, at least in this category of music, one is awarded a laser harp instead?

You can stream/buy the album in question in the Bandcamp player below.

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Two “Spellemann” nominations for 2014

I’m surprised to learn that the two albums I’ve released over the last 12 months, “CYCLS” and “Everything is connected”, are both nominated for the Norwegian “Spellemann” awards (our version of the Grammy awards). Both are listed in the “Electronica/Dance” category, alongside my old label-mate from the Smalltown Supersound days – Kim Hiorthøy – and his album “Dogs”. Strangely enough our biggest national success of the year – the good man Todd Terje and his bestseller “It’s album time” – is not included at all in this year’s nominations. Spokepersons from the award committee explain this by referring to the fact that it is the labels themselves that have to register their releases in order to be included in the nomination process. Whatever the reasons, I’m sending a big shout-out to Terje and all the other heads on the Norwegian scene who have been releasing great music throughout the year, and hope 2015 will be even better. You can check out my nominated albums through the Bandcamp players above.


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